Saturday, Jun 4, 5-7pm, private party w/Sam Peoples' Blues Loops
at Rio Villa Beach Resort, Monte Rio, CA
 Friday, July 8, 7:30-9:30pm, w/Sam Peoples(keys) at La Promenade
Cafe, 3643 Balboa, S.F.
 Friday, September 23, 8-11pm, w/Sam Peoples(keys) at Swank
Cocktail Bar & Lounge, 444 Presidio, S.F.

Check out:

 some Sundays I sit in with Jazz Revolution at The Revolution Cafe
in the Mission District. They play 3:30-6:30pm every week. When I
go, I usually get there around 5pm and get called up anytime after that
 some Thursdays I sit in with Latin Breeze at Sheba Piano Lounge in
the Fillmore District.
 some Wednesdays I sit in with The Charles Unger Experience at Les
Joulins Jazz Bistro in downtown SF
   My Past Performances
 pictures of my performance at Kurpiai Jazz Club in Klaipeda,
Hear me by clicking
the link below.
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